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Part #5, Vaasa - Östersund - Trondheim All day long

/  Year: 2006
/  Video installation consisting out of two monitors.
/  Exhibitions in 2006- 2007 in museums in Finland, Sweden and Norway, curated by Rickard Borgström.
/  Financed by ProMidNord
/  Click here to see compilation of the video

In short

Part #5 is a video installation consisting out of two monitors that form one panoramic picture. It documents different ways in which the edge between the city and countryside is in constant transformation, an ongoing battle between disappearing and becoming. Filmed from sunrise to sunset in three Skandinavian cities.

It's better to build than to fade away, part #5, deals with the way cities expand and absorb the surrounding nature and countryside. It consists of a video that was filmed at the cities' edge of three towns in Finland, Sweden and Norway. At each city we will filmed around 10 one-minute sequences that document this landscape. The video starts at sunrise at the east side of Vaasa (fi), moves west along the cities' edge, then jumps to Östersund in Sweden around noon, and ends at sunset at Trondheim in Norway.

We filmed a panorama with two cameras, which form one picture. This was presented on two flatscreen monitors. The video aims at capturing the momentum in this landscape. At one side of the edge: the disappearing of nature and countryside, the in-between and leftover spaces, the unexpected activities which are taking place there. At the other side: nature and agricultural activities.