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Part #4 Sundsberg - Sveaborg

/  Year: 2006
/  Method: Video-installation consisting out two projections
/  Produced with the support of the Swedish Culture Foundation in Finland
/  Click here to watch a compilation of the video

In short
Part #4 is a two-screen video installation that documents and critically reflects on the construction of two identical suburbs, in Rotterdam and Helsinki, juxtaposing them with identical filming and editing. With a voice-over quoting from the critical text 'A Tour Of The Monuments Of The Passaic', by Robert Smithson.

It’s better to build than to fade away, part #4 is a video installation that deals with the construction of two residential areas, Sveaborg (outside Schiedam, NL) and Sundsberg (outside Helsinki, FI). The way housing areas used to be built, they had a natural relation to the surrounding landscape. Houses were built into nature. With a minimum of change, natural scenery was made inhabitable thus creating a balance between man-made environment and nature. However doesn't comply to today's commercial housing industry. The videos document the way the previous landscape is erased and a new, completely synthetic environment is being created: the dissapearing of nature as such.

But this is not the only similarity between these residential areas. Their designs are strikingly similar as well. Both draw from the same Scandinavian design, however stripped off from its traditional spirit and essence. By erasing the existing landscape, disposing the design of all origin and applying it around the world, these areas have no history. Hence culture has disappeared as well.

The video is supported by voice-over with texts taken from the essay A tour of the Monuments of the Passaic, by Robert Smithson, spoken by Scott Bronfman.